Southern Manitoba's best drive-to fishing lodge!


Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge is located in Manitoba's Nopiming Provincial Park. It's boreal forest is home to abundant wildlife such as bald eagles, black bears, loons, moose, and of course, lakes teeming with a bountiful array of fish.

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We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express for deposit and booking payments. Just call us at 1-877-305-5526 or 1-204-330-1758 to make arrangements.

Peter and Carol Slobodzian are honored to be your hosts. We have raised five beautiful children: Ryan, Crystal, Patrick, Cerrie, and Brigg. Several of our children have helped us since we began our first year in 2010. It is our desire to provide a very memorable and pleasant holiday experience to each of our valued guests.

At Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge, you have access to three different lakes: Quesnel, Manigotagan, and Happy Lakes. A research biologist completed a study of our water system and reported the pristine nature of the water, teeming with a strong, healthy world-class fishery. The lakes are home to edible and Master Angler trophy-sized walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, perch, and whitefish.

The walleye are aggressive in June and in shallow water. Smallmouth Bass will be up in the shallows spawning in May/June. Northern pike will be in the moving water and rapids. Later in the season, fish moved to deeper water. In the fall, fish moved back to the shallow areas of Lake. Master Angler walleye are caught throughout the fishing season.

Yes, you can. Two pet-friendly cabins are available. Please see our pet policy for more information.

Latitude: 50°56'10.4"N(or 50.936224)

Longitude: 95°40'08.1"W(or -95.668913)

Elevation: 285.82 meters