Southern Manitoba's best drive-to fishing lodge!

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Such a great time

Thank you again for your hospitality. My sons and I had such a great time staying with you last week. The cabin was great with a world class view, and the fishing was awesome providing constant action for my boys. Thank you again!

Corey Z.
The best drive-to fishing resort in Canada

2012 will mark the 10th anniversary of the annual Family and Friends Canadian fishing trip to Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge. Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge offers all the comforts of home, a gateway to pristine and scenic waters, and fantastic fishing opportunities.

Each year when we arrive at Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge we are reminded of the beauty of the resort setting as it overlooks Quesnel Lake. The cottages are modern, spacious, and offer all of the amenities of home.

Three words accurately describe the fishing action for walleye and smallmouth bass - fast, lots, and big.

The walleye fishing is nothing less than fabulous, with fast action, and numerous Master Angler walleyes caught each year. Throw in the large and aggressive smallmouth bass and the opportunity for a trophy northern and you have a fisherman's dream vacation. Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge may be the best drive-to fishing resort in Canada.

Bruce A., Worthington, Minnesota
Trip of a lifetime

Thanks for making Nick's trip the "trip of a lifetime"!! I'm sending a few pictures for you, hope to see you next year!!!

Dan R.
Great time

We wanted to thank you again for a most amazing two days at Caribou Lodge! We would have had a good time, but it turned into a GREAT time, thanks to your family allowing us non-fisher gals a try at fishing (thank-you Patrick!!) We'll have great memories!! I feel we found a little hidden treasure there, and you really treated us like family!

Joanne G.
Beautiful Lodge

I just wanted to say thank you again for having me at your beautiful lodge! I am telling everyone to come up there.

Anne N.
Great memories

I recently took a canoe/camping/fishing trip through your lodge and I had a wonderful experience. I will most certainly be back.

Thanks for the great memories!

Chris T.
Like dying and going to heaven

Fishing on Quesnel and Manigotagan Lake at Quesnel Lake Caribou Lodge in Manitoba, Canada is to die for if you are a walleye and smallmouth bass fisher person.

My boys, Grandsons, and some of our employees have been fishing these lakes three times a year for the past four years. In 2012 we are going to go three times. They all think fishing on these lakes is like dying and going to heaven.

Andy Anderson, Fargo, ND
Master Angler smallmouth bass

I caught a Master Angler smallmouth bass last weekend - measuring in at 18.5". We caught it out on Manigotagan on the reef using a yellow/red jig with frozen minnows. Great fighter and sweet looking fish. We had a great time at the lodge and really enjoyed the fishing. Hope to return some time.

George D.
Fishing was outstanding

Just wanted to say thanks a lot for the good time at Quesnel Lake. The fishing was outstanding! My Dad and I both had a ton of fun and are looking forward to coming up again soon! - Next time with some more friends, and or, family.

Nathan F.
Number of large walleye

One of our guys said it was the best weekend of his entire life. Len and I are Ontario boys and we have to say that in our lifetime of fishing, we have never caught the number of large walleye that we did that weekend. I said, the big ones don't get away, we release them!

Mike D.
Amazing views and scenery

If you want a place to stay that's cozy, surrounded by beautiful wilderness, and away from the hectic city life, then Caribou Lodge is a camper's and fisherman's dream come true. With cabins surrounded by beautiful forest and water, anyone who enjoys amazing views and scenery will love staying here.

Caribou Lodge is located in the northwest corner of Quesnel Lake, with a chain of lakes to fish on. For any fishermen who loves fishing while enjoying scenic surroundings, exploring all three lakes (Quesnel, Manigotagan, and Happy) will leave you very satisfied. Fish that live in these beautiful lakes include walleye, smallmouth bass, perch, and northern pike.

Don't have your license yet? No worries! Fishing licenses can also be purchased at the main lodge. Boats and fishing supplies are available to rent, but you may also bring along your own boat as well.

Not in the fishing? No problem! This is a beautiful place to simply relax and enjoy a great book, stargaze, or take a swim at the very small, but very beautiful beach.

Caribou Lodge is the perfect place to spend your week out fishing or camping, or just simply enjoying the beautiful surroundings.